quarta-feira, 29 de Janeiro de 2014

The Silver Age

Looking at senior supermodel Daphne Selfe and her silver hair in the cover and editorial of Spanish magazine S Moda, I think she looks magnificent but cynically looking at my new profile picture on Facebook, I can't help but forget how hot I look and just notice the fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth. It is embarrassing to admit how common I am but it does scare me how old I'm getting. At "just" 27 I'm already spending a little fortune on anti-aging products that promise me I won't look a day over 20. You would expect that in a time when our life expectancy is getting longer our prime time would not be 17 but 37 or even 47 and beyond. But who is really to blame? Is it the usual scapegoat, the fashion industry and its use of ridiculously young girls in business suits and evening gowns or is it the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries with their infinite and apparently mandatory products and procedures that push us to that quest? Are we being brainwashed or are we just simply afraid of the inevitable? Incapacity and death. Is it really just about saggy breasts and grey hair or are we just afraid of how little we have left and how little we have lived? I know that for me getting older means getting wiser, becoming more successful, having a more meaningful life, becoming more... me. And showing my age without showing the results that should come with that age is too frightening of a possibility. However, I do hope that with age and those wrinkles I dread so much, I will stop caring about those little things and can age gracefully and peacefully and who knows, even become a supermodel after my 70th birthday.

Daphne Selfe for S Moda

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quarta-feira, 22 de Janeiro de 2014

Couture Parfait - Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2014

I have been called delusional for thinking Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel has the same feel season after season but, honestly, sometimes all I see are shapes and tweeds that were done and redone way too many times. When I started going through the images of Chanel's most recent couture show, I felt I had seen that oversize tweed jacket and tweed crop top before. However, not wanting to give up on Chanel, because it is Chanel after all, I carried on and what I discovered was a bit more than more of the same. It was the future and 80's faded pastels and my Rollerblade Barbie (fanny pack included) all in one show (sigh!). Top that if you can, couturiers!

 Chanel - Haute Couture Spring 2014

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segunda-feira, 13 de Janeiro de 2014

Golden Globes 2014 - The Cool Kids

It's not like you haven't seen all of these, but my fashion OCD does not allow me to carry on without showing you my Golden Globes' best dressed list. SPOILER ALERT: Jennifer Lawrence isn't in it!

Caitlin Fitzgerald in Emilia Wickstead 
Why it's so good: Because it's baby blue and that's enough for me!
 Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren
Why it's so good: It's a dress and a cape. Together in the same garment! Awesome!
 Zoe Saldana in Prabal Gurung
Why it's so good: Because Prabal is a genius and everything looks good on Zoe because she's perfect like that. Bonus points for wearing a shorter dress on the GG red carpet.
 Sandra Bullock in Prabal Gurung
Why it's so good: I think we have already established that Prabal is a genius. And cause I have also predicted someone would wear it to the Golden Globes or the Oscars.

 Lena Dunham in Zac Posen
Why it's so good: Because Lena is showing her "fat" arms to the world and is not wearing black just because she's not a size zero. Not revolutionary design, but the color and the attitude make up for it.

 Allison Williams in Alexander McQueen
Why it's so good: Because this is the exact same dress that Marnie would have picked to attend the ceremony.

 Elisabeth Moss in J.Mendel
Why it's so good: Because it's modern and cool and your boyfriend wouldn't get why anyone would want to dress like that.

 Emilia Clarke in custom-made Proenza Schouler 
Why it's so good: Because she is the blood of the dragon and everything she wears is badass!

 Emma Watson in Dior
Why it's so good: Because it's an open back dress over pants. A Dior open back dress!

 Jessica Chastain in custom-made Givenchy
Why it's so good: Because she's the most beautiful woman on Earth and she always looks perfect to me (#girlcrush)!
 Julia Louis Dreyfus in Narciso Rodriguez
Why it's so good: Because I have a thing for minimal dresses in bold colors and for women that don't dress for their age.

  Laura Carmichael in Viktor & Rolf
Why it's so good: It's such a strong look it made me Google her. Am I the only person on Earth that has never watched Downtown Abbey? 

 Rashida Jones in Fausto Puglisi
Why it's so good: BEADED PALM TREES!!!

 Sofia Vergara in Zac Posen
Why it's so good: Because black and baby blue go great together and the world needs more boobs!

 Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera
Why it's so good: Only God knows! I don't even like red and black together.

 Aaron Paul in Burberry
Why it's so good: It just is, bitch!

 Kevin Spacey in Burberry
Why it's so good: Because he's the man!

Michael Fassbender aka The Fass in Tom Ford
Why it's so good: He's a redhead...with a beard...wearing a tux...

I hope you have enjoyed this little list of incredibly cool and gorgeous people. Who else would you have included? And who would you boot out? Let me know!

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domingo, 15 de Dezembro de 2013

Do Sweat It!

A bit over a month ago I've tried vanilla custard rice pudding and I loved it so much that's all I've been having as dessert since then. I've also been wearing the same deodorant and foundation for the past couple of years and the same makeup remover for about ten years. I've even been with the same awesome guy for the last four years. That's the thing with me. I don't need variety and quantity and I'm not constantly on the hunt for the next best thing, I just need to find something that I like and I just stick with it. I've always liked to believe this was an option, but deep down inside, I know it's just one of my many compulsions and as most compulsions, this one takes hold of all aspects of my life, including my wardrobe. My most recent obsession are sweatshirts. I bought a few completely by accident and now it's all I wanna wear. They're just so me, which is so weird, because I'm such a cleavage kind of girl and these sweatshirts are so baggy and sporty and show no hint of boobs whatsoever. But hey, an obsession is an obsession and there's no reasoning with it! I'm so obsessed I even did a whole fashion shoot inspired by baggy sweatshirts (more on that and on how to make them less sporty and more luxurious very soon). Needless to say I need a few more, cause going through winter wearing the same three just isn't gonna work.

These were my purchases this season: Left: Penneys/Primark, Right: both from Pull & Bear

Now, my future purchaces:

All from Pull & Bear 


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domingo, 17 de Novembro de 2013

Straight From The Shoulder

"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!" This was a foreign concept to me until I decided to put fears aside and enroll in a fashion styling course last September. The course in the LA College of Creative Arts was created by Irish fashion personality Darren Kennedy and my wonderful tutors are freelance stylist and journalist/blogger Claire Weightman and fashion editor for Stellar and Kiss, Corina Gaffey. In the course we cover everything from editorial to personal styling, fashion PR to fashion photography and my personal favourite, fashion journalism. Last week we were given an assignment that I'd love to share with you. We were to look at the fashion shows for Spring 2014 and choose a trend we picked up from the shows. Then we had to write a small text about that trend and give some tips about how to wear it. It was easy enough to choose the trend and choose images, but it was painfully difficult to write the smallest text. It was kinda like giving birth, you know you have to do it, you know you'll be proud of what you get out of it, but it still hurts like hell. I was in labor for hours, which seems ridiculous by the size of the text, but once you learn from the pros what makes a successful fashion page, the pressure is on. This is what I came up with.

Straight From The Shoulder

Forget about breasts and stomachs. This spring is all about lifting the weight off your shoulders.
Taking up where Prada and Miu Miu left off last season, fashion houses like Chanel and Balmain are taking the focus up to our naked shoulders.

Chanel rtw Spring 2014 and Balmain rtw Spring 2014

But how much you want to bare is completely up to you.
For rubbing shoulders with your girlfriends on a night out the daring Balmain look would be the way to go, but to get that tap in the back from your boss a faux off-the-shoulder, as seen in David Koma and J.Crew, would be ideal.

The bold Balmain look, rtw Spring 2014 and the more conservative David Koma and J.Crew, rtw Spring 2014

So whether you go conservative or care free, just grab your strapless bra and let your shoulders do the talking.

From left: Dior, Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung and Jeremy Laing, rtw Spring 2014


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sábado, 2 de Novembro de 2013

Wild Irish Rose

Hi everyone! Yeah, I haven't blogged in a while, I know... I've just been busy. Not that kind of busy you use as an excuse not to go out with that creepy guy from work you've been avoiding, but that kind of busy that doesn't allow you to do your dishes for a week and wash your hair for five days, yes, that's right, FIVE days (thank God for dry shampoo). But I'm back, at least for today and I want to show you the most beautiful place I've seen in a long time, Kerry in Ireland. We rented a car and headed down to Kerry for the bank holiday weekend last week. It was the best call after a couple of months of madness. The place is magic and oh-so-romantic, specially if you stay in an awesome b&b with a view to the mountains and award-winning macarons for breakfast (a big thanks to Sam at Seaview House btw). I can't believe I've been living in this country for two and half years and had never been there. Loser! I could totally show you the crappy pictures I took, but Annie Leibovitz was there recently and she did a better job. So here is my favourite place in Ireland (so far).

Wild Irish Rose
Daria Werbowy and Adam Driver by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue US, September 2013
Fashion Editor: (The genius) Grace Coddington
Hair: Julien d'Ys


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domingo, 25 de Agosto de 2013

The Simple Life

Even though I grew up in the city, my country roots were always there. My summers were spent in my grandparents' houses in the country, riding bikes, swimming in the river and reading under a big fig tree. Growing up I got used to the quiet country life. To the cosiness of a small place and community. To the comfort of never having to buy fruit or eggs or cabbages. I was accustomed to a simple life with simple pleasures. And although I might have rebelled against it for a while, I now see there's no point in denying the small town girl inside. And to celebrate that girl that I'm proud to be, here's an editorial that just transports me back to that pine tree heaven in Portugal.
Apesar de ter crescido na cidade, as minhas raízes do campo nunca me deixaram. Os meus Verões eram passados nas casas de campo dos meus avós, a andar de bicicleta, a nadar no rio e a ler debaixo duma grande figueira. Durante toda a minha vida, estive habituada a esta vida pacata. Ao aconchego de um sítio pequeno com uma comunidade pequena e unida. Ao comforto de nunca ter de comprar fruta ou ovos ou couves. No fundo, estava acostumada a uma vida simples com simples prazeres. E apesar de durante algum tempo ter negado essa parte de mim, percebi que não vale a pena negar a cachopa da terrinha que há em mim.  E para celebrar essa cachopita, que até tenho muito orgulho em ser, aqui fica um editorial que me transporta para esse meu paraíso de pinhais em Portugal.

Simple Life - Elle Ukraine, August 2013
Photography:Nikolay Biryukov
Model: Yuliana Dementyeva
Styling: Natalia Osadchaya
Hair: Natasha Braslavich
Make-up: Katya Boulakh


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